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I have but one criteria when it comes to what I think of other immigration attorneys, and that is that they must care about their clients, and what happens to them. I can forgive mistakes, and I know that everyone, even me, was new once, but I will not forgive those who represent their clients poorly because they do not care.

Example: When my clients go to their final hearing in deportation proceedings, they have met with me and my associate attorney three to six times to prepare for the hearing. They have a written list of what questions I will ask, and they know my estimation of what the government attorney and the Immigration Judge will be most interested in that day. They know what will happen, where they will sit when they are answering quesitons, and they know how to dress and how to sit to look their best.

I know for a fact that some aliens with attorneys do not know that their final hearing is their final hearing until the Immigration Judge tells them when they are standing before him. They have not prepared for the hearing, and they did not know they would be asked questions.

Who do you think has a better chance of getting the relief from deportation that they seek?

For my adjustment of status clients, we have a pre-meeting in my office where we collect and copy bona fide marriage evidence, and review the file and prepare for the interview. We discuss questions that may be asked, and I tell my clients exactly what will happen when at their interview.

That is why most of my clients have a pleasant time at CIS, and why they most often leave with the stamp in their passport showing they are now lawful permanent residents, like the wife of the couple here:

More satisfied clients! Damn — I love my job.

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