Immigration Sunday

It is delightful to work immigration law on a Sunday. The phone, generally, is not ringing. No one else is even in this building. It is a great time to think. And it is a great time to get ahead on the cases that I have.

I work my hardest to make sure my clients have as few surprises as possible. In most of the cases where I am hired I can predict the outcome to a ridiculous degree. In some of the cases where I am hired, however, we are both just seeing what happens (this is true!). But management of the anxiety of my clients is part of the way I practice law. If I know something, you will know it. I tell my clients what I think will happen in any circumstance, and if you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I have a ready opinion for anything. : )

My decisiveness has served my clients well, and it shall continue.

I have a number of 240A(b) cases coming in Immigration Court and I am busy trying to memorize everything before the final hearing. : ) photo (14)

I am wondering today why the US has not declared TPS for natives of Egypt? Is this part of the whole coup/”it’s not a coup” dispute? Maybe the US government is waiting for Egypt to deteriorate some more. I hope not.


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