“Immigration Lawyer”

My goodness. I was doing an Internet search for immigration lawyers in Tampa and came up with all kinds of curious names.

(I had a really funny section here, where I mentioned stories that I know about the people in Tampa that advertise as immigration lawyers. But then I remembered that these are lawyers and they are litigious so my stories shall have to wait. Sorry.)

When I was new I was incredibly happy that to be an immigration lawyer all I had to do was say “I am an immigration lawyer.” But I find that the term immigration lawyer is thrown around an incredible amount in 2013. There is a core of extremely experienced immigration lawyers in Tampa who have great predictability in the outcomes of their cases. These lawyers would all be members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and would have more than 10 years experience with 100% immigration law.

If potential clients would do the research and check the available resources they will probably end up with one of this group of great immigration lawyers. But for every great immigration lawyer I know there are two or three lawyers who say they are as good.

The advertising and the noise that is out there is significant. But it is still possible to figure out who the good guys are. Do your research. Find out who the best attorney for you is and hire that person.

Clearly I imagine that person would be me.  : )