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FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Why do I need an immigration attorney?

Immigration Law is incredibly complex and strict. Over 2 out of 3 applications/petitions filed without attorneys are immediately denied by the US Government.

There are two types of new clients that we see:

(1) the folks that hire us before they do anything and

(2) the folks that hire us after they’ve started the case themselves (or with the help of an unlicensed “Adviser” or “Notario”) and then find themselves in a tough spot.

This is because the US Citizenship and Immigration office uses the forms you file not only to determine if you’re eligible for immigration benefits (ex. Green Card, Citizenship, Political Asylum), but also to determine whether you, the immigrant, should be subject to removal. We have represented many clients who have come to hire us after they tried handling their case without a lawyer, resulting in avoidable, unexpected risks and significant financial costs down the road.

By hiring a Tampa Immigration Attorney to handle your case from beginning to end, you gain an advantage because of the attorney’s years of experience, his professional reputation, and his beneficial relationships with local Tampa Immigration Officers and Agents.

Our Tampa Immigration Attorneys and our staff will streamline the legal process for you.

We will:

1)     Assess your individual legal situation

2)     Predict legal issues that may affect your case

3)     Plan on how to address and solve those issues either preemptively or as they arise

4)     Accurately and properly complete your forms

5)     Keep progress of and track your case status

6)     Communicate directly with US Government Officials

7)     Minimize the confusion

8)     Minimize your paperwork

9)     Communicate and articulate each step of the complex process

10)  Prepare you for and attend your final hearing and interview

How do I get started?

First, call and schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our attorneys. You’ll have a chance to speak to a friendly member of our staff who will take some notes about your case and pass those to the attorneys.

How do I get to your office?

We are located in downtown Tampa in the Barrister’s Building. It is a three story building located on the corner of Morgan Street and Jackson Street. The main entrance on Jackson Street with a red awning over the door. Suite 213 is the entire back left corner of the second floor when you get off the elevator.

Where do I park?

Many of our clients prefer to park in a metered street spot or in one of 4 parking lots within a block of our office.

What do I bring with me to the consultation?

When you call to schedule your consultation, one of our friendly assistants will help identify some of the things you need to bring depending on the type of case you’re calling about. As a general rule, bring anything you think is relevant to your case. 

How much do you charge for this type of case?

We do not bill by the hour. Our firm’s attorneys charge a flat fee for all of our legal services. The fee for our required initial consultation is $200.00, this is for the attorney’s time and legal advice. Fees for our services vary depending on the facts of your case; at the initial consultation, you will speak to an attorney who will answer your questions and alleviate many of your concerns. After the attorney has had an opportunity to determine the scope of the representation and the amount of work involved, you will have a better idea of what to expect.   

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.  We apologize for the inconvenience but we do not accept Discover.

Do you do payment plans?

We regularly work with our clients on a payment schedule so that we can begin working on their case immediately. We typically require all government filing fees plus an initial non-refundable attorney’s fee payment, followed by monthly payments.  

How long will my case take?

It varies depending on the specific case.

What languages are spoken at your office?

Our staff speaks English and Spanish.  

What if my documents are in a foreign language?

You’ll need to have your paperwork, evidence, and any documents we will submit to the government translated and certified. 

Do You Have A Question Or Need Help?

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