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29 Dec

The sadness of the season

It is the greatest time of year, and I should be thinking about my wonderful family, and my fortunate life here in Tampa. Yet I sit in my office frustrated to the maximum because I have a non-criminal alien client (from Canada) who remains in jail almost 60 days after I filed a motion to

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13 Dec

Frustrating stalemate

It is frustrating to know that CIR is the best for everybody,and to know that business leaders know this is true, and to know that most elected officials know this, and that there is nothing being done about it.

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08 Dec

When does the bad news end?

The atmosphere in Congress is violently anti-immigrant because of fear of the tea partiers. The Dream Act is soon to die, and so will immigration reform. I am not pleased. From “The next two years will be a very, very bleak period for immigration reform and for immigrants,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of

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02 Dec

Americans and Immigration

In a recent Washington Post article, a condo association was motivated to act on immigration when they learned that the condo maintenance man for 15 years was an illegal alien who was ordered deported. Story here: This just points out the truth of what I know. Americans love immigrants individually, and they dislike them

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12 Nov

Bad news everywhere, but…. The Republicans are in charge of the House, and I presume they will block any meaningful immigration reform. But there should be some things that all Americans would support, such as working to keep families together. Some common sense immigration reform could lessen the impact of the 3 and 10 year bars, eliminate the

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15 Oct

I wish I could help everybody………….but

Every day I meet people I can help. It is a great feeling to be able to tell someone who has a profound immigration problem, and is sure they will be deported, that their problem will likely amount to some paperwork, some months delay, and a return to their lawful status. But I have to

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30 Aug

Obama comes through!

A new memo from ICE explains why the US government will no longer seek to deport those who have pending applications or petitions which could reasonably lead to their permanent residence here in the US. This is great news because it shows how far the Democrats have succeeded with their attempt to take the focus

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16 Aug

How to report suspected victims of human trafficking.

Human Trafficking Report Human Trafficking, 24 Hours To report suspicious activity to law enforcement:866-347-2423 To reach a non-governmental organization:National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline888-3737-888 Human trafficking is a crime and a human rights abuse involving commercial sexual exploitation of a child or the use of force, coercion or fraud to compel someone into labor servitude

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