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24 Jan

An education in immigration

I became an immigration lawyer because I did not really want to be a lawyer. I found that in 1996 I could be an incompetent nice guy who sat next to my clients while they got green cards. There was not much lawyering involved. I encouraged my clients to tell the truth, and I used

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09 Dec

The case against speaking

Regarding Petitions to Remove Conditions in Tampa. I am having my clients assert their 5th amendment right in more cases before Tampa CIS. It is clear to me that in many cases, CIS in Tampa is more concerned about proving fraud they believe to be there than in finding out whether or not a couple

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12 Oct

Proper focus of my business and life

I am happy to announce that I am incredibly interested in seeing how many people I can help in my too short life–and I am not meeting enough people. You will soon hear new and weird ideas about how I will figure out how to help more people –because I love my job. I like

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12 Sep

Feels like the first time!

You would think after doing this lawyer thing for awhile once could just coast, right? Name recognition and reputation are all you need, right? Wrong. I must admit that I have not been doing all I can to be the great lawyer I know I am. Today I renew my dedication to my career and

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09 Sep

September 2011

The world is beautiful, the air smells better, food tastes better, and I now wear pants that are six inches less around the waist than pants I wore just three years ago. I have been through some changes! In 2007 I weighed 250 pounds on my 5’10” frame — at last check I weighed 205.

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18 Mar

Excitement at ICE

Excitement at Immigration and Customs Enforcement My client was pending removal to Egypt. He had been ordered removed following NSEERS registration in 2002 and his request for political asylum based on his status as a Christian who feared returning to Egypt was denied. The appeal was denied and my client filed two Motions to Reopen,

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09 Feb

The unknown immigration war

The main thing that irritates me now about immigration law is the SHAME that my clients are starting to feel for being illegal. The cannot get IDs, they cannot work, if they talk to a policeman they might get arrested. It is no wonder I meet so many abused women in my practice, as they

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03 Feb

Who knew?

I actually met somebody today in my office who claimed that they came to see me because they read my blog and looked at my website. I actually had no idea that people read my blog or look at my website. I had always hoped, but had never dared dream that people would actually pay

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