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21 Jul

Immigration Sunday

It is delightful to work immigration law on a Sunday. The phone, generally, is not ringing. No one else is even in this building. It is a great time to think. And it is a great time to get ahead on the cases that I have. I work my hardest to make sure my clients

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08 Jul

“Why can’t we make refugees lives easier?”

Refugee Asylum Refugees can sometimes lose their application for asylum fast enough that they do not derive a work card from the application. They have to start a new case when they go to court. Ridiculous! I know people from Egypt who are suffering right now because of the BS 150 day rule. C’mon Congress!

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15 Apr

“Immigration Lawyer”

My goodness. I was doing an Internet search for immigration lawyers in Tampa and came up with all kinds of curious names. (I had a really funny section here, where I mentioned stories that I know about the people in Tampa that advertise as immigration lawyers. But then I remembered that these are lawyers and

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04 Feb

A simple proposal

A simple proposal I keep hearing our elected officials speaking about the coming Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Generally, they are all speaking about a “pathway to citizenship” that will involve numerous obligations for the applicants, such as a requirement to prove you are paying taxes, a requirement to show that you know English, and they want

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28 Nov

Family separated for too long

I am currently assisting a client pro bono in a case where he is seeking reunited with his wife and children. My client is a US citizen. He is a military veteran. And he works on very military like missions for private corporations that do work for the US military. Because of the vagaries of

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14 Nov

Regarding personal injuries!

Everywhere you look, you see billboards owned by personal injury lawyers. Whether it is Morgan & Morgan, Fran Haasch or some other lawyer, these people clearly make good money helping the injured. But who should you trust? The guy on the billboard, the lady in the ad? Ask Gary? You should trust me. If you

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11 Nov

The Heavens are aligning

Nov. 2012 — The Speaker of the House has made it clear that Republicans are on board for immigration reform and a path to citizenship for my worthy immigrant friends. This election asserted the primacy of the young and tolerant against the old and scared. Great stuff and I am excited about the future!

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08 Oct

DACA and the future of these kids.

Editor’s note: DACA is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. People under 31 years old as of the date of passage of the Act, brought to the US as children, who graduated high school here, with a clean criminal record may apply for a two year guarantee that they will not be deported. They will be

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16 May

Great victory — probably

I recently had a great victory in immigration court. But it was not so much a victory for me as it was for my country. My client came to me about a year ago. He was an illegal alien who had been present in the US for 15 years. His wife, for much of that

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